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Sun Crown

Sun Crown

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The truth is that as a plant parent we are doing the best with what we know.  There is no worse feeling than seeing our plants looking sad and droopy with yellowing leaves.  Especially, when you've been watering regularly and feel like there's just nothing left to do.
Your plant will surely die and it starts to feel a bit hopeless. Often overlooked, is how critical light is to keeping plants healthy and flowering. Unfortunately, we don't always have access to direct sunlight due to the window placements in our home.


 The good news is that we don't need direct sunlight when the LED Sun Crown is set up and ready to go.  Our LED full spectrum grow light is engineered to keep plants thriving indoors regardless of time of day, time of year and access to direct sunlight. You'll never have that hopeless feeling again.





It can be quite difficult to rely on pure sunlight from your windows to keep your plants thriving. Sunlight is less available in the winter months as days get shorter. Not to mention cloudy, rainy or snowy days when sunlight is just completely unavailable to your plants.
Even if you have a direct sunlight you are limited to only putting plants there instead of picking the most perfect looking places. The Sun Crown allows for a full spectrum sun substitute that gives your plants access to the light it needs keeping them thriving for the amount of time you choose, everyday and anywhere you'd like in your apartment.



Stable & Durable Design. Stays Upright In Any Soil Condition 

Set it, Forget It. Automatic 4, 8, 12 Hour Automatic Daily Timer.


4 Level Dimmer. Adjust To Your Plants Needs

Expandable from 13 - 28 inches



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90 Day Guarantee

Since itsi nception, Scaped™ is proudly owned & operated in the USA, employing a small team from all over the country to deliver plant parents the tools they need to keep their plants alive.

We offer a 90 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee to all of our customers. If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and you'll get a full refund.

How It Works

To put it simply, plants only have receptors for certain wavelengths of light - Red and Blue light.  The sun emits White light which is a blend of every wavelength.

Red Light: When plants receive red light they release a hormone that keeps chlorophyll from breaking down. This enables the plant to take the most advantage of the plentiful sunlight during spring and summer. For this reason, red light yields large, healthy plants, since the chlorophyll is converting plenty of light into cellulose. Additionally, red light is needed to grow flowers and seeds/fruits.

Blue Light:  The plant’s blue light receptor triggers a hormone response that slows down stem and leaf growth. For this reason, the initial reaction is to use no blue grow lights, but having some blue is important. The same blue-light hormone controls “apical dominance” in plants, which is the reason a plant's main stem is larger than any side stems. It's common to see plants with more exposure to blue light yield a short and bushy plant with a more complex stem structure.

For best results, it is recommended to use a red-blue ratio of 4:1. The high level of red light keeps plants in their prime growing mode while the small amount of blue encourages stem growth.

Return Policy

Purchases from Scaped™ are Risk-Free for 90-Days. Returns (and refunds) are accepted, no questions asked.

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"Picked up the Sun Crown to help out my sad Snake Plant. Before I left for work I stuck it deep down in the pot, turned it on, and set the timer for 12 hours....

The next morning, it turned on automatically at the same time as the day before.  Now that's really cool feature that takes one more thing off my plate....

almost gave up but now I know that I can always keep a plant in that corner"


-Heather W. Boston, MA