Solar Riser

FREE Moldable Sleep Plugs w/ Every Purchase

SmartApp Control

Fully controlled wirelessly with Android and iPhone/iPad iOS compatible app.

Voice Control

Seamless sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Home automation technology. It's really hands free!

7 Wake Up Sound Options

Includes birds, forest, waves, beeping, FM radio and auxiliary audio like your favorite music or podcast.

20 Levels of Sunlight

Detects light in the room to perfectly simulate the sunrise and sunset with 20 levels of incandescent lighting.

10 - 60 Minute Adjustable

Using the SmartLife App, adjust sunrise to begin as much as 60 minutes before wake up time to have to truly wake up with the sun and simulate what happens in nature.

Group Control

Use up to 3 different SolarRiser systems in the home all from one app! The entire family can have one.


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Every SolarRiser Alarm Clock order will include our new Moldable Sleep Plugs (60 pack) FREE!
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Wake Up Refreshed

Optimize Circadian Rhythm

Proper Wind Down


Why It Works
Optimizing the Sleep-Wake Cycle

When we lay down at night to sleep, the onset of darkness triggers the secretion of the hormone, melatonin.

This hormone helps regulate circadian rhythm and synchronize our sleep-wake cycle with night and day.

In doing so, it facilitates a transition to sleep and promotes consistent, quality rest.

Exposure to light (either sunlight or sunlight simulation found in SolarRiser) during our sleep, stops melatonin production and releases a surge of cortisol which turns on the brain and body.

Similarly, missing sunlight will derail the body's natural processes giving you that morning groggy feeling.


Our SolarRiser Promise

We offer a liefetime guarantee on our product and ourr staff will be more than happy to assist you with any issues you may have. Our dedicated offer customer support 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week. 100% Customer Sactisfation Guaranteed!

FREE Moldable Sleep Plugs w/ Every Purchase

Customer Love Us


Brian Liu


I have an intense physical training regimen that includes weight training, running and swimming. Recovery is essential for me, and over time I have come to understand the immense value of regular, deep sleep.
However, during winter months I have issues with my natural circadian rhythm wanting me to sleep excessively and wake up late. This causes a conflict between "listening to my body" and "needing to train."
This has been one of the best recovery tools in my arsenal.


John Lion

I love a dark room at night and this is a fabulous way to slowly add light. Pleasantly surprised at this price point and the many thought out features. My favorite feature is the ability to turn off the time digits lighting display so I can sleep in complete darkness


Jane Chang

So the clock itself has a ton of features (max brightness, alarm sound, alarm volume, time it takes to get to full brightness, different colors, night mode, snooze), and it has worked perfectly since I have received it. It has made waking up so much easier as I am one to easily oversleep and wake up upset to my loud alarms.


Anna Lila

Love waking up to this rather than my jarring cell phone!


Why do I need sunrise simulation?

To put it simply, because this is how our bodies were designed to wake up.

Every human has a natural circadian rhythm that needs to be optimized in order to reach our physical potential. 

Commitment to getting the best sleep has been proven in thousands of studies to improve so many aspects of health that I couldn't list them all here. To name a few,  cognitive function, heart function and recovery from exercise. Check out more here.

Can't I just use my phone to wake me up?

Phones do have built in alarm clocks that work pretty well but they lack several features that will optimize your sleep and set you up to have a better day.

They don't have built in sunrise simulation so you'll often wake up feeling groggy without the jolt of cortisol required to turn your brain on.

They also don't wake you up gradually. Most phone alarms are a bit...jarring and not really pleasant and gentle.

 Most importantly, it's not great to wake up to your smart phone.  Investing in your mental health to get a proper alarm clock will pay dividends down the road.

Isn't real sunlight better?

While that would be ideal, we have evolved away from using sunlight to dial in our circadian rhythm.

Man made obstructions to direct sunlight, weather and clouds, daylight savings adjustments to sunrise and sunset and our daily schedule are all factors that make using sunlight almost impossible in our modern society.  If we want train our circadian rhythm to work on our schedule, the Solar Riser would be a great tool to do so!

Sounds good but is this backed by science?

Absolutely! This product was actually launched as a result of the findings of these 3 studies which show the link between sleep quality and light.  More specifically, they show a positive link between using "artificial dawn" for enhanced cognitive benefits through the day. Science loves this device!

Check the studies out here:
-Effect of artificial dawn on subjective ratings of sleep inertia and dim light melatonin onset

-Effects of artificial dawn on sleep inertia, skin temperature and the awakening cortisol response

-Effects of Artificial Dawn and Morning Blue Light on Daytime Cognitive Performance, Well-­being, Cortisol and Melatonin Levels

It's a little pricey.  Can I have a discount?

A similar product from Phillps is on "sale" for $199.95 (List Price $219.99).

The Solar Riser is a fraction of the cost as has more features!

But since you asked...use code FAQ15 for 15% OFF your order if you do it before March 9th 2021. But don't tell your friends ;)

Can you turn off the time at night so that it's completely dark in the room?

A resounding YES.

Sleeping in complete darkness is very important for maintaining optimal melatonin levels through the night, holding off the cortisol surge and keeping brain activity to a minimum so that optimal repair and restoration processes can take place.

We designed Solar Riser to facilitate complete darkness.


Now Featuring Group Control

Using the app to control up to 3 SolarRiser Sleep Trainers around the house.  Now the whole family can have one. 

Compatible with Google Home & Amazon Alexa


A gift with your order?

Every SolarRiser Alarm Clock order will include our new Moldable Sleep Plugs (60 pack) FREE!
(gift shown at checkout)

Offer Expires March 31